Golf can easily be termed as New Zealand’s most played sport and more so in its biggest city, Auckland. For this reason, you will find several golf courses around the city. The more serious groups use some with international focuses while others are casual and ideal even for beginners. If you are looking for a golf course in Auckland, here are some places you should start.

Wainui Golf Course

This is a place where everyone who can play golf, even if it is for the first time, can find a spot to enjoy the sport. The golf course is situated in Rodney, only 30 minutes from the city centre. You are promised a whole golfing experience with footgolf, 9-hole and 18-hole courses all available. You and your family could always relax at the restaurant and have a taste of the fine foods served there.

The Gulf Harbour Country Club

Located in one of the most serene corners of the city, the Gulf Harbour Country Club is a luxurious place to play golf and later relax with friends at the café. Robert Trent Jones Jnr is the name behind this amazing design that faces the amazing coastal cliffs. One of the best things about the country club is that prices are not exaggerated even for foreigners, and there are several convenient: payment methods.

Windcross Farm Golf Course

Up for some natural challenges? If it is yes, then this the place to practice and play golf. The course is situated between tussock grassland, tranquil lakes and rolling greens. You will find several blockers to challenge your golfing skills.

Windcross Farm is located on 237 Alfriston-Ardmore Road. The course is well balanced, and you can always choose the holes to begin with. To give you a great golfing experience, the administration insists on a dress code and proper general etiquette.