Welcome to the aucklandgolfclub.co.nz site where you will find all you need to know about golf in Auckland. As the most populous city in New Zealand, Auckland has a rich cultural history and a unique fondness for golf. The exciting landscape, clear weather, and vast land size allow for a huge variety of courses. As a result, sporting groups for players of all skill levels and ages have sprung up across the city. Here are some articles featured on this site.

Top Auckland Golf Courses

Auckland is a must-visit for golfing enthusiasts. Some of the best golf courses in the city are the Wainui Golf Course (suitable for beginners), the challenging Windcross Farm Golf Course, and the luxurious Gulf Harbour Country Club.

Greatest Golfing Events

Home to many prominent golfing events, Auckland is the perfect place to visit for the avid golfer or even beginners. Check out the Beginner Golf Introductory Programme if you have the time to dedicate to building your skills. If you are looking for a corporate event to show off your skills in front of your colleagues, consider attending Totara Hospice Golf Day. Another popular event is the She Loves Golf 6’s tournament which takes place on the beach at Omaha.

Gear and Equipment

Having the correct equipment is essential to enjoy the game to the fullest potential. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on gear. For those who plan on regularly playing the sport, decent quality clubs and other gear can be found for between 100-700 NZD (New Zealand Dollar). If you’re just looking to play a few holes, most courses offer affordable rental options.