Golf is one of the sports that require elaborate preparation. You will need to buy your golfing gear before you are allowed to start playing. Most of the golfing gear is readily available either at a shop that sells golf equipment, or in the many online shops on the internet.

Gear You Need

  • Golf Clubs: The golf clubs that you get will determine how you will perform as a golfer. A typical set will have iron, wood and a putter. Every club is numbered and angled differently, and you need to do extensive research before deciding on the one that will work best for you.
  • Golf ball: You will need to bring your golf balls with you, and while buying, you should always remember that just because a golf ball is being sold by a known brand, it does not mean that it is the best. Go through the writing on the packaging to understand what each of the balls will do for you. For instance, how does it perform in terms of shot control? Look at the details before choosing.
  • Golf bag: Pay extra attention to the kind of golf bag you get. Getting the wrong one can make going to the golf course tedious, especially on days when the weather is bad. Invest in a golf bag with padded straps if you have to carry it, and one with trollies.
  • Golf clothing: You will need a glove to help you with grip, and shoes that have spikes and are waterproof to avoid slipping and getting wet. On clothing, you should read the golfing rules in your golf course to know how far you can get when wearing casual attire.
  • Golf tees: A golf tee is what is used to raise the ball off the ground. You will need several of them, and it is always advisable to buy them in bulk.