The people of Auckland love golfing, and there’s no doubt that many are looking forward to participating in at least one golf event in the land this year. Here are some of the golf events in Auckland that you could try making time for.

She Loves Golf 6’s in Omaha

Golfing at the beach could never be more exciting than this year’s She Loves Golf 6’s. The event is open to people of all ages who have either been in golfing for a while or are just starting. To play, you have to be a team of two people who play while alternating until the ball is in the hole.

After the tournament, people meet up at the club’s room for drinks and later on for dinner under the setting sun. Nothing but fun is expected at this event.

Totara Hospice Golf Day

This is another all-ages golf event that is set to happen at Te Hihi Estate, Karaka. Totara Hospice Golf Day is a corporate event where participants battle to get the balls into nine holes. You need to register as a team of four and then take part in the activities planned out for the day. You will also have time to interact with other participants as you savour your foods and drinks.

The Beginner Golf Introductory Programme

This is a two day per week event that takes place throughout a chosen six weeks. The programme is a collaboration between three different organisations; namely, She Loves Golf, Chicks Who Golf and NZ Golf Collaboration.

The event gives newcomers a chance to learn golf while still having fun, making friends and building one’s golf skills in a stress-free setting. It is open to females of all ages at Wainui Golf Club. The best part is, if you do not have a golf pack at the moment, you can rent one at the venue.