Golf has been variously referred to as the gentleman’s game. The game is played over lush courses under a raft of rules. But most importantly, the players are guided by a unwritten code of etiquette.

This code stipulates acceptable conduct in the golf courses. It also outlines the sanctions a player attracts for defiling the game. This section gives an overview of some basic etiquette expected of a golf player in the golf course;


Keeping time is so critical to the game of golf. Arriving at the golf course well before tee time is taken to be a respectful gesture for the game and the players. Late check in is frowned upon and attracts penalties ranging from disqualification to a fine. So next time you go for a round of golf, pack up early for the love and respect of the gentleman’s game.

Punctuality extends to the game itself. Avoid time wasting antics such as constantly checking the phone. Carry all the clubs with you. It is repulsive to return to the first hole from the eighth to pick a particular club. Additionally, don’t search for a lost ball for longer than necessary. The cost of ignominy is far much higher than the price you will pay to replace the golf ball.

Leave no Traces

It is generally discourteous to step on the greens. Walk as gently as possible around the greens to avoid disadvantaging other players. Moreover, ensure you leave no footprints or traces after taking a shot. Have the necessary tools with you to restore the greens for the players coming after you.

If you break your tee, collect all the pieces and leave the course as immaculate as you found it. Have your bag at the right places ensuring no damage is done on the course. Critically, fix the divots as they happen and save the other players from unnecessary course troubles.